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We asked and you responded. Thanks for all the great feedback!


"Joey D was fantastic, knowledgeable and skilled. Great work."

"Prompt response, great service!"

"Weldon Williams came and fixed the garbage disposal and repainted the inside cabinet under the kitchen sink. He was incredibly nice and happy to take care of the problem for us! He did a great job fixing it and left a very nice note after to let us know to be careful of the wet paint before moving things back under the sink. He couldn't have done a better job! Thanks!"

"We have had Weldon a few times and every time he has been great. Always very courteous and professional."

"Everything has been great. Thanks!"

"The service technician is a really nice person! He did a great job and he is really responsible. I really appreciate his work!"

"Great as always."

"Mike Harris did a great job fixing the different things that we needed done in our apartment."

"I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to the maintenance staff. Everyone that came to the apartment (at least 3 people) all wore shoe covers, which I know are annoying to take on and off--but I appreciate they were attentive to that. Brandon fixed the sounds the toilet was making in probably 5-7 minutes or so and then some of his coworkers came to help test and service the air conditioning unit. It seems to be running better now. Please relay to them my thanks. This all happened much faster than I expected it would."

"I had Joshua Christian and he is the sweeter most courteous man I've ever met. Everytime he fixes something in our apartment he takes the time to explain what's wrong and how he is going to fix it. Hes easy to talk to and always gets the job done right. Define one of the best Maintenance men we have here !!! I will always request him in the future. Thanks Joshua!!"

"Called the wonderful Marion at Foxridge and Joshua Christian came to fix the dryer issue. So thankful for the helpful and speedy service!"

"Second time in a row we've had a response with in 5 minutes of our request. Absolutely fantastic

"Very quick in response with quality work."

"The technician did a fantastic job. He was very courteous and even did a follow up a few days later to make sure everything was still in working order."

"Weldon Williams came to fix our garbage disposal and he was here literally 6 minutes after we submitted the request. This man is fantastic and is very nice to everyone. Nothing but compliments for him and foxridge's quick response time"

"Always glad to see Mike!!! Very professional and courteous. And he’s good to my dog!!!"

"A/C wasn’t working during the hottest time of the summer-it was miserable. I called Monday morning and it was fixed before I got home from work. Quick, wonderful job, couldn’t even tell anyone had been in the apartment. Thanks to Mike Harris for an excellent job! "

"My service technician, Cory Davis, responded within fifteen minutes of placing my service request. Not only did he fix my AC in a timely manner, but he was also very courteous and completed a few other tasks he noticed during his visit."

"Thank you for another excellent service experience!"

"Mike came and corrected the problem very quickly! As always, he was very efficient and courteous. Thank you!"

"Corey was very personable and courteous. He fixed multiple broken items within minutes. To make a long story short, he is what I’d consider an ideal employee."

"Mr. Michael Harris is very gentle and professional. His prompt actions is highly appreciated. Excellent!"

"Corey was very nice and informative!"

"Very quick and timely repair, couldn't believe how fast they fixed everything"

"Corey was my service person, and he was professional and timely and fixed everything in one trip. One of the things I really appreciated was that he told me *why* I was having issues with my AC, so that I can be sure to turn it off at night so that I don't accidently freeze it again. He was also thorough and efficient and very kind. "

"Dishwasher was fixed and in running condition within ten minutes, Cory Davis was the technician who came by. Friendly and knowledgeable, couldn't have asked for better service."

"Excellent service and excellent time to fix "

"I was not present for the service team. Team member Joey D. did a very professional job at installing our new garbage disposal in the kitchen sink."

"Great job on the carpet cleaning!!! Brian and Eric very polite and courteous!!!!! And friendly to my dog!!!!"

"I am beyond satisfied with the foxridge team—maintenance and office staff alike—you are all a cut-above the rest when it comes to apartments in this area. Thank you for your time and efforts! You make me feel like a real person, which is a far cry from experience I’ve had living in other complexes. "

"2 smoke detectors replaced within 1 1/2 hours after being called in. Very nice and courteous"

"Our service guy has been excellent. I do not remember his name, but he's helped us out a few times, and everything is usually fixed the day after it the work order is submitted."

"Very fast and professional response. "

"What speed! The confirmation email came back to me very shortly after my online submission of the request. The gentlemen for the repair arrived not long thereafter and were polite and efficient in their work."

"My request was attended to promptly. The people in the office were extremely courteous. The service technician did an excellent job."

"The man that came to the apartment was extremely nice! I definitely was not expecting such fast service!"

"We love Mike Harris. He is always helpful and friendly. He is absolutely great with our dog, Pepper. I don’t worry about her when I know it is Mike coming!!!"

"Brian and Eric did a fantastic job. They were wonderful, courteous, and efficient. I'm very satisfied with their work!"

"Only a couple days after service was requested someone came to take a look and ended up replacing our fridge. They put all the food back in the freezer and fridge and I wouldn’t have even known anyone was there. Very quick and professional and I appreciate that! Thank you. "

"The amazing service team is one of the top reasons why I think Foxridge is great. They are so timely, thorough and courteous. When our apartment got broken into, the service team did an amazing quality job on the door repair and were so nice to us at a time where it really mattered. "


"Corey Davis did a wonderful job. He performed a late-night emergency service request with an upbeat demeanor. Despite the extremely dirty job (overflowing toilet) he was very friendly and made me feel like he had everything under control. They are coming back tomorrow to fully fix the issue. Thanks Corey!"

"In the past month, we've had technicians out on 4 different occasions to look at our heat. After the most recent visit, Derek (who is the lead service tech according to his note) came back the next day to follow up and look at it himself. Neither of us were here when he came by, but it definitely renewed my good opinion of Foxridge's service technicians since the lead service tech decided to come out and leave us a note stating that it was repaired and that he is confident it will continue to work."

"I am fully satisfied with the service. Thanks!"

"Weldon was so nice! Thank you for all your help!"

"Brian was excellent "

"The service technicians - DH & BS (their initials left on the report) did a wonderful job!"

"As I prepare to move to another state, I want to be sure you know what a valuable employee you have in Mike Harris. In the 2 years I have lived in Foxridge he has always gone above and beyond in providing service. He is knowledgeable and professional, courteous and timely. Kudos to Mike!"

"He was very nice and helpful. Did the work quickly and cleanly"

"Jeff did a great job fixing a leak in my sink on November 2 and he was even nice enough to give me a vanity. I would have done this earlier but we misplaced the card in the apartment. Jeff is always friendly and professional when we have an apartment issue. We think Jeff deserves a raise!"

"It was great to have the repairs on freezer and heating unit done so quickly. Jeff Taylor quickly saw what the problems were and went to work. He also noticed that I needed a new door handle on the patio door and fixed that also. It is a heavy door and the new handle makes easy to open and close. Excellent work. Thank you."

"Michael was very amicable and explained everything well. "

"My compliments to Brian and Eric for the great service performed in cleaning the carpet in our high traffic areas."

"STM came to fix broken faucet and ended up needing to replace sink. I very much appreciate that the sink was replaced and operating by the time I got home from walk. Also, like the new sink"

"Cory Davis was very nice and proactively fixed things beyond what he was called in for. Great person, great service."

"The maintenance staff is always friendly and always does their best to complete work orders very quickly. Micheal #8 is always helpful and great to work with!"

"On Oct. 4, 2017 (12:16pm) Derrick replaced our ice maker. Once again he knew what he was doing and it took a short time to do the job. I’m very impressed with Derrick. He’s a happy, intelligent young man who knows how to get the job done! Please keep him on your team!"

"Mike always does a good job"

"Did great. Thank you! Mike Harris #8"

"Mike Harris did an excellent job!!!! Thank you"

"Thank you Mike - You always do a great job in a very timely manner!!"

"Mike Harris is really good. He knows what he is doing!"

"Really nice Staffs"

"These guys are the best!"

"The team member was really efficient. "

"Your service technician Weldon Williams was very professional and kind. I'm very satisfied with his work."

"The service team member was excellent!"

"Excellent work!"

"Thank Deick and Mike for their service"

"Mike Harris #8 is always thorough and informative about the repairs he does. Couldn't ask for prompter or more efficient service! Thanks Mike & Team!"

"Brian and Eric came to clean our carpets and they did a great job! I was there when they arrived and they were extremely friendly and explained the whole process. I had to leave before they were done and they left the apartment looking great and did a wonderful job."

"Prompt response and the technician did a great job. Thank you!"

"Mike is great. he is very nice and all repairs are done in a timely manner."

"I called the Emergency number because our heat wasn't working, and someone was at the house within 30 min. He fixed it and was very very kind."

"Corey and Eric came in to fix a lightbulb issue. They arrived in a timely manner from when we submitted the online request form, and completed the service well!!"

"Cory Davis has always been extremely helpful, respectful, and timely. He has fixed many things in our apartment. We are greatly appreciative."

"Wonderful Service Team"

"Ron S was the primary service team member who completed patching and painting over our drywall from a ceiling water leak (fixed by "JR" who I also want to praise). He was accompanied by a "TS" the first two out of three visits. I have nothing but great things to say about the Foxridge maintenance team. They are all very timely, effective, and courteous - even taking the time to teach us some quick repair tips. Although it would be great it we didn't have these problems in the first place, it's a great feeling to know that Foxridge service team that will respond quickly and effectively to problems that come up."

"Cory Davis was friendly, clearly charismatic, and skilled. "

"another great service call...thank you for the responsiveness"

"excellent service....just moved in and had problems with the person handled the service request for me and all is well..thank you for the great service!!"

"Great service. The service team did a great job, very friendly and courteous. Thanks"

"Corey was very helpful!"

"Great job by Eric. Timely courteous and I appreciate all"

"Cory Davis was my service team member and he fixed my heat immediately and without upsetting my dog. He did a great job."

"Carpet looked great when we returned. Brian and Eric did a fabulous job. Was so convenient that we could get the carpet when we were away!!!! Thanks for a wonderful place and home!!!"

"Mike Harris came by and rebuilt our faucet, and haven't had any issues with it since! We were on our way out the door, and he was finished before we got back!"

"I came home from being out of town and found my heat was not working. Eric came out around 9:30/10:00 pm and was able to get it working again. He explained the problem to me, and was friendly. I know it can be tough to be on call and work late, I appreciate it."

"Mike Harris is an excellent service guy. He fixed my dishwasher, and a couple of bathroom issues earlier this week. He's also worked in my apartment in the past, and has always done a great job. Thanks Mike!"

"The guy who came was super helpful and nice!"

"Always have the same Maintenance man, very friendly!"

"Very good job. Very friendly staff all around"

"Ronnie (and assistant) did an excellent job fixing my heat pump -- prompt, friendly, effective. It took two tries, but that was in no way his fault -- it was the nature of the work. He was very good (but not perfect) with regard to the dent in my towel rack, in that it took weeks before the holes left in the wall were properly fixed. (And I suspect that it would have taken forever if I had not persisted.) On the other hand, he did it, and finally completed it very well. One other (minor) point: the hole fixing left just a little bit of plaster on the floor. I was okay cleaning that up myself -- I got some other dirt at the same time! -- but you might want to do that a bit more completely if you want people to respond "excellent!" instead just "very good." "Very good" is a, well, very good rating, however, so I barely think this is worth mentioning, however. I would like to end by noting that, overall, I am very satisfied with the way your personnel (including Ronnie) have handled repairs/maintenance to my apartment. I would not bother giving this feedback if I wasn't basically very satisfied, and you should take my remarks in that context."

"Brian and Eric are outstanding. They go beyond the call of duty and the written letter. They are helpful and even fix if they have the tools. That is why i always request them."

"The Service Member Cory Davis was very courteous, informative, and friendly."

"Mike Harris was very responsive and helpful to our apartment. Thanks to him."

"My time so far at fox ridge has been very enjoyable. All of the staff that i have met so far are extremely polite and helpful. This week in particular I met one of the leasing office staff, Brad, who was very polite and straightforward answering my questions. Thank you for making my living experience great."

"Fixed problems quickly. Pleasant attitude. Communicated well."

"Eric and Doug did the job quickly and were very courteous."

"Mike is amazing. In spite of having so many move-ins, he addressed my most important issues first, one by one worked on the rest. He is friiendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and so approachable. He seems to genuinely care about the people he serves and is meticulous about his work. Also e is fast! Kudos to Mike."

"Cory Davis and Weldon Williams were great!"

"Cory Davis -very helpful, appreciate his service to AC and insinkerator!"

"The painter named Richie did an excellent He is a very nice young man. He did a very good job. thanks.."

"Mike came very quickly and took care of the problem! Thank you!!"

"Very professional and personable. "

"Tina Carnel and Sabrina Kilbert (custodians) were so nice and friendly! they were quick, efficient, and fixed the problem in no time"

"Cory Davis did a great job helping us with our dryer!"

"My dishwasher was not working correctly so I called the service number, and within an hour someone was out to take a look at it. My technician was Cory Davis, and he did a great job. He was very informative as to what he was doing, and told me whenever he had to leave to get a part etc.. He ended up having to come back the next day (had to put a new dishwasher in) and actually showed up even earlier than he had said he would. I was very satisfied with the service provided, the apartment was left very clean."

"Cory Davis was extremely knowledgeable about the issue and fixed it right away."

"Eric was great!! He went over and above to give us the best service possible!"

"My Service Team Member was Cory Davis, he was wonderful!"

"Corey Davis was the perfect employee. He came 2 nights in a row and helped both times. One night to my old apartment 5200 apt F and the next night at my new apartment 5300 apt E. Both times the A/C wasn't working and he fixed it."

"Cory Davis came to my apartment. Very nice and helpful. "

"Corey Davis and Brandon Underwood were tremendously helpful. They immediately identified the mysterious flooding in my apartment bedroom as an air conditioner leak, and moved quickly to remedy the situation. Throughout, they explained to me the moves they were taking, and why they felt them to be the most effective. Corey was nice enough to ask me if I had any plastic bags he could put over his shoes so as to not muddy our apartment carpet. They are clearly both very good at their jobs; I came away completely satisfied with their efficient and effective work. "

"Cory Davis and Brandon Underwood took real good care of us. They fixed everything we asked quickly and correctly while being courteous and personable at the same time. They're great associates and should be recognized for it. Thanks again"

"I found a leak outside of the door in my room and I called Foxridge at 10:50PM. Mike Harrison(I believe that was his last name) was here by 11:15PM! He was wonderful. He was friendly and explained everything to me from what the problem was to how it was being fixed. After being here for 3 years i knew that my time for a service call was going to come eventually but I am amazed how reliable and quick the process was. I really appreciated Mike's hard work!"

"Ann Hodge is cleaning my apartment and I want to say what a great job she is doing! I appreciate all the details that she takes care of - it's great to know that there are people like her out there that do a great job!!"

"R. Sonser and C. Hodge Were painting water stains in our dinning room on 4/14/16. They were very kind and did the job quickly and nicely. I'm very happy with the service"

"Brian and Eric were very kind, and cleaned my carpet to perfectio. They got all the stains out!"

"Brian and Eric came in and did a wonderful job cleaning up the carpet! It looks like when we first moved in and we couldn't be happier. They were also perfectly on time and very polite! Thanks fellas!"

"Mike Harris is great. He is friendly and courteous and always makes the extra effort to make our house a comfortable, up-to-date home! He strives to make our apartment an inviting place to come home to and enjoy!"

"Cory Davis came by our apartment to fix our light fixture and washer. He's come by our apartment many times, and no matter how many questions we ask or requests we make he is always courteous, extremely polite, and he gets the job done pretty quickly. He is a very knowledgeable and helpful asset to your team. "

"I'd like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to one of your repair crew, Derek, who has served several repair works in my unit while I was here at 14010 Stroubles Creek since September 2014. Recently, Derek has helped me with my final repair/preparation prior to my departure. In all repair occasions, he always left a kind note to describe what needed to be done. I found this very professional and helpful (and informative!) to a tenant, especially when the repair work was done while I was at work. The maintenance in general and all repair works were done so beautifully, promptly, and professionally while I was living in Stroubles over the last 19 months. All was satisfactory. My special thanks go to my favorite repair guy, Derek! Thank you very much. Keep up the good work. You are the best! Best wishes,"

"Brian and Eric were prompt in arriving. Both were very professional through out the whole process."

"I'd like to thank you Shantel Doyle Leggett for assisting me to set up re-rental request, fill the form and all other issues that I addressed to her. I'd like to take this opportunity to share my feedback on the high quality service provide by her throughout my stay here in Hethwood/Foxridge. She has always promptly responded to any request sent via email to her. Shantel's friendly manner has always made me feel taken care of while I lived here. Best wishes, Natsuko"

"Very much appreciate the work that Mike Harris did"

"I called around 2 and they got it fixed by the time I got home around 5; I am very impressed! Thank you for being so timely and I appreciate the work you do"

"Cory came and fixed the drawer in my kitchen. He was very courteous and quickly identified and solved the problem. The maintenance crew here is always really nice and do a great job."

"I have been meaning to write this EACH time Mike Harris #8 visits my apartment. He is WONDERFUL. Sure, he fixes things in a timely manner, but it is the combination of his talent with his personality that makes him stand out to me. He is so kind and thoughtful. I like seeing him in the parking lot because he says hello in such a gentle way that I feel better knowing that he is around. When he has helpers, he is respectful to them as well and looks out for them. He is just - all around - the perfect person to be my fix-it person. Thank you Mike Harris #8."

"The Foxridge repair team completed the wall repairs timely, professionally, and courteously. 100% satisfied. thanks."

"The maintenance workers are always so helpful and can fix anything and everything! Thank you!"

"Amazing job done, finished very quickly too. I am appreciative of the effort put forth by Foxridge maintenance."

"I have had only wonderful experiences with the services I have received while living in Foxridge. Mike Harris was the one who completed the work on my shower. I was not here when the work was being done. The bathroom area was extremely clean and if it was not for the note, I would not have been able to tell anyone was here... Thank you"

"Our leasing agent, Virginia Peeples, was one of the most conscientious and helpful leasing agents we have encountered during out apartment hunt in the past few months. She was the most helpful and more than capable of answering our every question."

"Derek was my service team member. He was very professional in completing the task."

"Brian and Eric were the service technicians for the cleaning of our carpet high traffic areas. We were more that satisfied with with the job done and very pleased. Thank you."

"The service team on Wednesday replaced the mirror and the lamps efficiently.Quiet and friendly. Michael who checked the heater for hot water also regulated the water faucet and redid the mildew spots in two places. Both teams were excellent."

"Technician Covy Davis provided a very sufficient and courteous service."

"I was impressed with the professional, and thorough work performed by Chris and Ronny. They worked quickly to replace the entire ceiling in our bathroom and did, in my opinion, an excellent job"

"Thanks for your great maintenance service. I think Mike Harris is the best maintenance person I that I have met for last 5 years. He makes me feel like a home !!!"

"Mike was very quick to respond and identify the problem, and the two who patched/painted (Hodge/Songer) did a good job in a short time period. Very satisfied with the response, thanks!"

"Yes Mike did a good job as usual"

"Ann and Sarah were very polite and worked well to clean the inside of my oven. Thank you very much."

"Chris H and Corey R are an excellent part of the Foxridge team. They arrived on time, were very polite, explained what they were going to do, and performed excellent work. I was very happy with the service."

"I'd like to thank Shantel Leggett for holding all my packages being addressed to the welcome center. I appreciate her email notification as soon as a package arrives at the office. Thank you very much, Shantel!"

"A shower faucet and water diverter was beautifully installed. I appreciate such prompt repair service. Thank you very much, Derek and the team!"

"Mike Harris was very professional and went above and beyond to diagnose and fix the "singing plumbing pipes" in my apartment. Thank you Mike."

"Maintenance repair man was awesome!"

"Charles Rakes showed true concern, respect and courtesy to myself and more importantly to my puppy dogs. At a minimum he should be officially recognized in the work place for his dedication to quality service"

"Charles was very friendly, noticed i was watching Bojack Horseman and immediately connected with us (my roommate and I). Service came first, and was quick and efficient. Would be pleased to have him service my apartment again."

"Charles Rakes was the service technician and was very informative, friendly, and did a really good job working in our apartment. Hire more men like him."

"Mike Harris, very thorough, very informative. Best tech yet."

"Cory Davis did a wonderful job! He was incredibly helpful, as well as willing to go out of his way to make sure all issues were resolved to the best of his ability. He completed the tasks beyond a satisfactory level, and in an incredibly efficient manner. Wonderful Job!"

"We had several services upon moving into the apartment. Every maintenance employee went above and beyond to insure that our apartment became a home. We are very pleased with the service we have received and have nothing but great things to say about your employee's. In fact, many of the service calls were answered by the same employees who never altered his willingness to help us in any way necessary and always greeted us with a warm welcome. Thank you so much for having a great team!!"

"Really love the fact that even if you put a low priority it still gets done the next day. Thank you all so much"

"I appreciated such a prompt response to my online repair request placed over the weekend. Derek showed up right away despite the weekend, and fixed the dishwasher in 10-15 minutes(temporarily). I will wait for parts to arrive, but I could use the dishwasher without any issue last night. Thank you. He also updated on the status of existing ceiling stain issue. Much appreciated"

"Mike Harris and Eric Saylors replaced my non-functioning fridge, and they were both incredibly helpful, personable, and thorough. They were efficient and really knew what they were doing, and were happy to help. I was impressed."

"The "We were here and did some work" cards are very nice! They look great and add a nice professional touch. And thanks for the new kitchen light bulbs! Wasn't expecting that, so the technician went above and beyond. So... thank you very much!"

"Mike Harris #8 was great: Prompt, courteous, informative and very meticulous in determining/fixing the problem. Thank you!"

"Charles and Eric have been an amazing help the past week and a half getting our apartment in order. They have been courteous, expeditious, and thorough in their duties and I am very satisfied with their performance."

"Megan Christian (leasing agent), made everything very easy and the entire process went smoothly. The apartment was clean and in great shape!"

"Gary and Derek were the service team members that completed my service request. They did a great job. They were friendly, polite, and through. I am very satisfied with the service they provided. Thank you."

"Great living space! I absolutely love it here and will be sure to recommend this community to others."

"Everyone has been great! So helpful and friendly everytime :)"

"My apartment repairs are in perfect condition now and I appreciate the hard work you all did to our kitchen cabinet and ground flooding outside. The maintenance staff worked hard and completed their work in a timely manner."

"You guys are awesome when it comes to maintenance! It all works like a charm."

"Mike Harris, technician #8 did an awesome job fixing the washer"

"My technician was Mike Harris. He did a great job! He fixed my sink, changed my detector. Plus,he realized my garbage disposal was leaking. and set up an appointment. and today he fixed it, too. amazing person."

"The Service Team Member updated me on what was happening with the apartment and made sure I knew what procedures I needed to do next. Great service."

"Great service, lots of community activities and holiday activities, chances to win prizes!"

"Great job and a nice man."

"The service was completely. The maintenance guy (Mike Harris) was very kind and courteous. I am very pleased with the Foxridge maintenance"

"You all are always very polite, I couldn't ask for any better. Thank you for all you do, it is greatly appreciated."

"The service Technicians that came were courteous, did what was asked of them and more. If there was anything that they weren't able to fix, they put in a request for someone else to come in and take a look at that. Overall, the technicians, Charles Rakes and Beck, did a more than satisfactory job. "

"I felt very welcomed and supported by ginny! great visit. "

"Thank you for your help."

"nice and professional."

"Mike P had to take out some stuff under the sink and he had put it back. That was very thoughtful."

"great!The service is timely and service team is very professional."

"We love living in a place that staff care about our satisfaction"

"Thanks for the efficient service."

"Great apartment that I ever have in Blacksburg! "

"I was extremely satisfied with the timely service that I received and Mike the service guy was extremely helpful in letting me know what he had fixed and what may have caused the problem."

"Mike Ayers introduced himself to me and let me know to contact him if I ever needed anything in the future. Very polite and courteous."

"Jonathan was very helpful in helping me find my new apartment, He sat a worked with me as we went over many different apartments and found me the best apartment. I'm very happy with the way he worked with me and helped me out."

"Extremely nice and answered any questions or concerns I had. Very pleasant and courteous!"

"I am also impressed with the high quality performance whenever a maintenance employee fixes something within my apartment. My roommates and I really appreciate all of the hard work Foxridge puts forth to make our living arrangements enjoyable. Thank you!"

"Mike Ayers was very nice and courteous, and he even greeted our dog when he got here!"

"The service technician who visited our apartment was extremely friendly. He did an excellent job quickly and efficiently. I believe his name was Charles Rakis, though I'm not sure about his last name."

"Very quick response, did a great job and followed up. Couldn't ask for anything better, thank you!"

"We are new tenants but wanted to take this opportunity to say how impressed we are with how beautiful the residence is, how nice our apartment was and how great the help of the residence staff. Job well done at all levels."

"I've always had great experiences with the maintenance crew! "

"The service technician's signature was MD? He was tall with aviator's and admired our paintings on the wall. Nice technician. Thank you!"

"Service Technician was Mike Ayers, did a very good job. "

"You guys are really good, thank you very much for such a great service"

"Servicing was done before I even got back to my apt."

"Mike Ayers did a great job fixing a drain that was causing flooding. He also stayed around to fix our tub that was stopped up as well."

"Charles Rakio went above and beyond and painted the window frame as well."

"Nice guy. Deserves a bonus."

"Michael, with help from Jordan toward the end of the electrical problem, worked very hard to locate the problem with my electrical switches and get everything working correctly. Kudos for a good job!"

"The service team member who replaced my blinds did so very quickly and was very courteous! This same team member also fixed my dish washer, and it has worked perfectly ever since!!! Thank you!"

"Mike Ares did a great job!!"

"Everything was fixed really quickly."

"Taken care of right away with no problem and I appreciate it thank you for all your hard work and doing it in a timely manner"

"I stopped by the office to report an issue with my apartment's "garbage crusher thing in the sink." By the time I got back to my apartment after class, the repair had been completed and the Service Team Member left a note for me. You guys are always fast with the maintenance work and I appreciate it!"

"The maintenance crew did a great job, as always. Whenever I do see them, they are always so nice and helpful. Thank you!"

"Came very quickly (first business day after I put in the request), everything done very well."

"I was not in the mood to see anyone the day maintenance was coming in, especially because the water wasnt working and I had not yet been able to take a shower, but most of all i wasn't expecting such a quick response to my phone call. They sent someone over almost immediately and fixed the problem with little to no interaction, which I appreciated greatly."

"I am highly satisfied with the services from Foxridge staffs."

"Heat was fixed in less than 25 minutes from when I called in. Thanks!"

"Mike and Corey did an awesome job fixing our washing machine! They were very nice about everything and explained what the issue was. On their way out, they noticed our door chain was broken and immediately put on a new one! They really went above and beyond the job we requested of them."

"If I was staying in Blacksburg longer, I would stay in Foxridge. It has the perfect location, great bus access, multiple pools/rec spaces. I have lived here two years and loved it!"

"Charlie was great, very friendly and polite. The paint job matches the surrounding paint nicely."

"Very effective and comprehensive in fixing the AC unit and lights."

"Derek came in to change the garbage disposal at 9 pm after an emergency maintenance call. He was courteous, warm, and did his job efficiently. I was extremely happy with the timely manner of the service too. Thanks a lot Derek. You were great. :)"

"You were wonderful! We had a semi-urgent need, and someone came out the same day to fix our problem. Thank you so much!"

"I have been in Foxridge for two years now, and the Foxridge Maintenance service has always been exceptional. They are very time efficient and have always helped me out without any problems. Thank you for all that you do to make Foxridge an amazing place to live!"

"The maintenance members have responded to several requests regarding our apartment. They have always been professional and courteous in their work. I think highly of the team at foxridge."

"Mike Harris was really good with work as well as giving required information.Thank you very much."

"Our serviceman was very courteous and the repair was completed the same day to satisfaction."

"The initials of the man who fixed the issue were MD. He was considerably helpful. He got the shower working like new, and returned to fix a leak when one of the replacement parts wasn't functioning properly. Excellent service"

"Great service and speedy! "

"I stopped by the office in the morning to let you all know I was having issues with my fridge. By the time I got back from class, I had a brand new fridge! The new fridge even had my food from the old fridge inside, arranged nice and neat. I was very impressed with the timely service and I'm legit thankful Foxridge employs such wonderful staff. You guys rock!!!"

"Mike Ayers is very nice."

"Parker was great!"

"Foxridge is a wonderful place to live, with friendly and helpful staff. I am very pleased with my "home away from home" and I highly recommend it to others."

"Mike A. has serviced our apartment several times, and everytime has been a big help. He seems knowledgeable and is good at what he does. Also very friendly and polite."

"Thank you for providing us with a safe community. "

"The maintenance personal were excellent and did whit the required task before them. a fine job. john cable john kilbert,weldon williams,mike harris were all courteous."

"Debra Harvey and Brian Shaver came to clean our apartment's carpets on 3/9/15 at 9:00 am. They arrived 5-10 minutes early, were courteous and informative before starting the cleaning, and performed the cleaning in a timely and effective manner. We are very satisfied with the job they did. I do not remember who I spoke with to set up the carpet cleaning but she was very nice and informative. It was easy to schedule, and I appreciated the informative reminder email the week prior."

"(18MAR2015) I believe the gentleman's name was Mike, initials MA. Has performed maintenance here before. Always prompt and polite. Usually responds and solves problem on day of request. Very Satisfied with service."

"Everything was done like I wanted."

"Great place to live! We love it here."

"I expected the dishwasher to be fixed around May but the maintenance guys replaced it this week. Every time I visit the residents' office the staff are very friendly and helpful."

"Foxridge is a very comfortable place to live and I am pleased with all of the accommodations. I am also happy to know that if I ever have a problem, someone is always available to help out. I will be sorry to leave here following my graduation."

"Our carpets was so dirty because of my puppy, but now is definitely clean after carpets clening. Thank you so much!"

"Debra and Brian did and excellent job."

"Everything went smoothly and very fast. Thanks!"

"Great service at Foxridge!"

"The service personnel who have installed new kitchen cabinets and appliances have done an excellent job. they are very polite and helpful. JOB WELL DONE !!"

"They were extremely polite and courteous, as always. Thank you!"

"The Foxridge maintenance guys are always super friendly and get stuff done good and done fast."

"Thank you so much to the maintenance team that came to soundproof our apartment! We know how much of a hassle the weather was the last week and a half, and you all still came out and did an incredible job. We are so happy with the quality of work that was done to our apartment. We can all finally focus on our work and sleep completely through the night! Thank you again!"

"they are really professional and fast. they are all doing great job!"

"Great service! Timely, friendly and effective!"

"I honestly don't know how you guys do it! All of the departments from leasing to maintenance are awesome. Special kudos to the grounds crew for snow removal efforts - absolutely incredible!"

"It is good and I am satisfied with it. Thank you very much!"

"I'm really excited to be living here next year! I'm glad I was able to convince my roommates to choose this community over terrace view!"

"We have been having trouble with the entry to our apartment--it was hard locking it from the inside and the outside. I submitted a request for maintenance at 1:00pm this afternoon and a technician was at my apartment shortly thereafter. He was so nice and helpful, even though it was 5 degrees outside! The problem was fixed and now I can easily lock our front door from the inside and the outside."

"The guys were very quick, neat, and nice. I am very happy with the service."

"Everyone here is very nice and helpful. Repairs are dealt with quickly, and the maintenance staff is very friendly."

"I have loved living at Foxridge for the past 3 years. "

"The maintenance was completed quicker than I expected, and everything is working smoothly now. Thank you!"

"Debra Harvey and Brian Shaver did a great job in cleaning the carpet. The weather was awful but they came on time and were very nice."

"During our application process we were taken care of by Chris H, who did a superb job at providing information and answering questions"

"This feedback is not for maintenance service but, I'd like to mention that I am very happy with the customer service that Shantel Doyle Leggett has been providing. I'd like to express my special thanks to her for letting me send my personal packages to her office/Hethwood Welcome Center. I lost two packages in one month soon after I moved in early fall and since then, I was suggested sending packages to the office for safety reason. I appreciate very much for this kind offer. I have no concern of losing packages again. Shantel promtply sends me the heads-up via email letting me know my package is there to pick up. Thank you!"

"He is always great and quick to solve our problems."

"When I called the Foxridge maintenance line, the representative on the phone was extremely helpful and pleasant. Jordan, the technician, was polite, and courteous when he was working in the apartment. He worked efficiently, and provided solid information about the repairs he performed. "

"We liked the community and apartments alot. They are spacious, with big closets. Pricing is a bit high for us, and it is a bit far from campus. other than that everything was fine. Thanks."

"Charles Rakes does a very good job with service."

"Loved our apartment and the surroundings. It is a nice place for students and also for families with kids. Many amenities within walking distance and worry free maintenance. We met their handyman , Mike Harris, very friendly and professional. We'll stop by to say hi pretty soon!"

"Ginny was very thorough and professional in her presentation. She answered all my questions - and I asked a lot of them! She did a great job."

"Request was answered and solved in a professional and quick manner. I've never had issues with maintenance requests, they are always kind and do an excellent job."

"It is a good and kind service."

"Very pleased with the foxridge staff! Also, I am very impressed with Janice Steele's work and how she has been able to accommodate all of our needs. So glad she has been helping us!"

"Great service ever has met!"

"Very professional and friendly! We had a great experience at Foxridge."

"I requested a low priority work via internet mid-morning today and was completed by 3 pm when I got home. I was quite impressed."

"It's remarkable in support of me to have a site, which is helpful in favor of my experience. thanks admin"

"Mike Harris was the service technician did an excellent job as always."

"Mike P fixed our issues in the time it took me to drive my wife to Tech and come back. He does an excellent job any time he comes for maintenance in our apartment. We really appreciate all his hard work."

"Thank you very much for your wonderful service!"

"Mike Harris (#8) completed the work. He did a very nice job - he ALWAYS does a very nice job. And he is always so friendly and courteous. Thank you!"

"Danny with the mutton-chops was a great maintenance guy. It's because of people like Danny that I want to stay at foxridge. The maintenance here is so great. I've had terrible maintenance at Terrace view and the difference is night and day. Danny did such a good job with such attention to detail, going above and beyond, that I felt a need to complement him in this survey."

"The last work order I had, the man was more than kind but very helpful. I did not get his name but he was a white male with 5 inch blond hair and medium build and about 5'10". I'm just so impressed I had to do the survey."

"The gentleman was very courteous and helpful. He asked if there was anything else he could do (and there was) and he gladly fixed it for us."

"I absolutely love Foxridge! In my two years here, every experience I have had has been positive. The maintenance is fabulous and the office staff is great as well. Any issue I've ever had while living here (which have all been very minor) has been dealt with almost instantly. The entire community is beautifully kept by the staff and the amenities are great. Foxridge is quiet, and I have never once had a problem with noise or neighbors. Compared to other complexes in Blacksburg, I definitely feel as though Foxridge is a great deal for a quality apartment. Although I heard initially that Foxridge was "too far away" and "out of the way," it takes me three minutes to drive to campus and about ten minutes to take the bus to campus. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else and will continue to stay in Foxridge while I am living in Blacksburg. "

"The experience so far has been a huge step up from the last company that I rented from, and the prices are considerably good too. The staff has been a big help in my application process, and I'd like to give them my thanks for that, especially to Chris Heidenthal who is the consultant I was in most contact with while getting set up; he made the process very simple and worry-free and did a great job in helping me out."

"The staff at Foxridge are all very nice and very helpful. The maintenance is super prompt and super professional."

"Ginny and I are continuing to work together to make my apartment as energy efficient as possible and address every problem we come across. With that said I would like to recognize her and also my maintenance man Derek. We have had a lot of visits for requests since I've moved in October and he has been extremely efficient on majority of the issues."

"Thanks Corey so much! Got really good service from Corey!! The work time session is December 9th around 1:30 pm. He helped us with the toilet issue. -Weixiao"

"Mike and Derrick were timely and professional. Thanks guys!"

"Everything is working great! Thanks so much!"

"Charles Rakes and Eric Snider were the two main team members in our apartment. They were both unobtrusive and respectful of our needs and our necessity of being able to access our rooms. They were good humored and incredibly informative. I'm very pleased with their service."

"I love Foxridge! :) "

"I love that the welcome center is open 7 days a week, that has been so helpful"

"carpet was cleaned the team did a really good."

"Thanks so much for a wonderful and prompt job! It was great coming home to fixed heat and a warm apartment after a long day! "

"Perfect and timely service by Charles and Eric"

"I'd like to thank Shantel for passing along my request, and thank the maintenance service person (Mike Harris #8) who fixed the problem to my satisfaction. It is very nice to find a note from the maintenance person who provides details about what was the problem and how it was solved/fixed. Much appreciated. "

"Most helpful welcome center in blacksburg for looking at apartments!"

"Charles rakes and Eric snider were perfect! Very courteous and they went beyond the job required and did some extra stuff as well!"

"Charles and Eric were great. They came over quickly, did exactly what they said they'd do in a very efficient and quick manner. They were very professional and I have nothing but good things to say about them. I am very satisfied with them and their work."

"The service team member was kind enough to upgrade our apartment to have bleeding-edge digital thermostat technology. For that, I am thankful."

"Came back and it was done. Much quicker than I expected"

"Chris Hodge and Charles Rakes did a great job painting the spots by my shower. They also left a really nice note on the card they left :)"

"The staff at Foxridge is very friendly, knowledgeable and timely. The maintenance staff is always quick and efficient when fixing any issues we experience. We are very happy with our space and the community here at Foxridge."

"As long as I stay in Blacksburg, I will most likely always stay in Foxridge! I've been very happy here the last two years."

"very good service"

"Charles Rodes was my service technician and he was incredibly nice! "

"Both Charles Rakes and Chris Hodge were very prompt and well mannered during the service. The painting was completed quickly and no messes were maid. 10/10"

"The service personals: Chris Hodge and Charles Rokes are highly qualified, they did their job professionally"

"Great experience when dealing with any of the foxridge staff! Thanks!"

"You need a choice for Very Very Satisfied!"

"Charles Pakes and Chris Hodge killed it. The fix looks really good. "

"John Kilbert: Extremely courteous and pleasant. Truly service with a smile! Weldon Williams: Quick and competent service (I wasn't in when he came.) PLEASE convey my appreciation to them personally."

"My maintenance request was completed only within only a hour or so after I placed the order. I was not home when Mike came in to fix a few things, but found a very kind note indicating what problems were taken care of. It is very personal and caring. I appreciate prompt and professional repair service very much. It was actually all my fault to mistakenly placed a tiny knife inside the disposer. It is all fixed and thank you for your service."

"Each of the personnel are super friendly and take the time out of their day to always say hello when they see you. I have had one maintenance request so far and they came that day while I was gone and left a gracious note to say they fixed the problem and that they are happy to help whenever it is needed. My apartment is gorgeous and I absolutely love that fact that I can sit on my balcony with a nice cup of coffee in the morning and look out into the tree in front of it and see the beautiful nature, especially now that fall is upon us and the leaves are changing colors. The only complaint I would have so far is that some of the neighbors can not park very well, haha. I love the hospitality and personality that the complex has as a whole and as the individuals that occupy the area. I have met so many wonderful people even just from sitting at the bus stops to go to class. Thanks for everything you all do for me and the community around here."

"I appreciate the quick turn around time from maintenance. Keep up the good work!"

"Over all the staff is great the apartments are very nice, the space is good. "

"AWESOME place to live. Certainly coming back to foxridge if I move back to Blacksburg"

"We appreciate those peoples in foxridge, and enjoyed the life over there very much. We will miss the life there. We wish god be with you always."

"Maintenance was amazing! They came quickly and fixed our heat for us, which we're super thankful for because it's been extremely cold these past few days. Thanks again!"

"Maintenance calls are executed quickly, leasing office staff are patient and friendly, neighbourhood upkeep is excellent."

"The bus access, the walking trails, and the diversity make it a nice place to live."

"This feedback is for the service offered earlier. I was not aware of the survey so I am leaving my feedback on an earlier job done by two maintenance people (Mike and Derek?). They spent a lot of time to replace water heater and took care of other issues that I noted in the condition report. I appreciated their service very much. "

"Washer problem was fixed. Door chain was nicely installed. Very fast. Very professional. Very satisfactory service."

"Love it here and love all the staff! Especially our maintenance guy, he's always on point!"

" The Foxridge staff has been very friendly and helpful in making sure my experience here is great. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication of the Foxridge staff in answering all of my questions and requests."

" Everything has been great so far"

" The maintenance crew is made up of some of the nicest people around."

"Move in was a breeze. Noticed a situation with my door knob. Mike came out same day and took care of everything! Awesomeness at its finest!"

"Never had a problem, and this place is BEAUTIFUL! Tennis courts, a pool, a farm right next to it - its like a dream land!"

"I know i can trust a problem fixed which makes me feel safe here! "

"Chris Heidenthal gave us a great help during the move-in process. He is super helpful. The process is efficient, professional, and very satisfied."

"Both the email response and service team response to issue was quick and courteous. Thanks for the awesome service!"

"Clean, complete job"

"Mike Harris (#8) has helped us multiple times now and makes our day every single time he comes. He's so personable and helpful and always has a smile on his face. We love him! He's the best!"

"Extremely fast, very courteous & clean. I needed a new fridge - thank you very much! Technicians: Mike Harris #8 Mike Price #15"

"Our lock broke so we called into maintenance. Mr. Mike Harris arrived maybe around 10 minutes later and fix everything perfectly. He was a very nice guy and made sure we were well situated."

"Sara did a great job explaining the whole leasing process. "

"Everything was great!"

"Cory did a great and fast job to fix my blinds. "

"Thank you for doing our request in the timely manner."

"The service technicians were JK and WW (I only got initials) and they were great. They were very friendly, easy to talk to, and made the apartment look better than before they came in."

"The service technician was RJ (I think) and he was great along with the other workers with him. They were courteous and cleaned the apartment very well after they were done."

"I don't know the service team members name, but he was wonderful. Made sure to ask us about every item on our list, and explained everything he was doing. He was friendly and kind. Everything was repaired well in a timely manner. Would be glad to have him complete service requests in the future. Very nice man. "

"Best customer service of all the places we went to look at apartments!!! "

"Ginny and Mendy were so helpful in resolving our issue with a smell in the carpet. We never found out what the smell may be but the cleaning and deodorizing help immensely! The technicians were courteous and finished cleaning the carpet in 10 minutes! Thank you all for helping us and continuing to assure us that we made the right decision to stay in Foxridge."

"Mike Harris #8 put in anew toilet for me. He did an excellent job. Whenever he fixes something in the apartment he always does an excellent job. Phylis Salom"

"Great service and very friendly personnel, thank you for all your help!"

"Janice was extremely helpful and welcoming. She made choosing Foxridge a "no-brainer". You are lucky to have such a personable and bubbly staff-member."

"I left for work in the morning, and when I came back my AC was fixed and the apartment was cool again. Thank you Foxridge Service Team!"

"Doug and Derek did a fine job on our service request."

"I absolutely love living here. I could not be happier with the service. "

"Office staff very informative and cordial. Apartments well cared for and up kept. It is a wonderful location and we are very pleased with the amenities."

"I want to thank the service technician on fulfilling my maintenance request on June 26, 2014 on a timely and professional manner!"

"Ginny was great. Very friendly and did a great job of making life in your community and in Blacksburg very attractive. Well done! We visited on 6/19/14 and had a great visit."

"Sara Berry was extremely nice, helpful, and patient during the process of applying and placement. She answered all questions I had, and as a first timer with leasing an apartment that was really nice."

"I was very impressed with the area and the staff member I dealt with friendly and helpful."

"MA who came on 6/7/14 was very nice, polite, and courteous. He was very helpful and thorough. He did a great job and was very customer oriented."

"Foxridge is a great place to live. I have lived here go 13 years it ha a been a great experience."

"You guys don't have any idea how happy you made my little boy! He was so excited to be able to get his wheelchair in the bathroom and take of of "business" by himself!! The guys that came in to change the door were really fast and nice. When they went to take a break - I was driving up and they were nice enough to come up to me and tell me that they would be back in a few minutes. The flooring installer was also really nice and he was very quick and courteous. Other than a wider door - we couldn't tell anyone had been there! THANK YOU!"

"I've always been impressed with how quickly any maintenance requests are addressed and with the thoroughness of the job."

"Great place to live. Maintenance is fast, and the staff is always friendly. Definitely would recommend Foxridge."

"I have enjoyed living in Blacksburg thanks to Foxridge! I moved here in August and love all that Foxridge offers and accommodates to. It is a great place to start a new home because the personnel makes sure you feel comfortable, and the maintenance staff can fix anything and readily available."

"I lived here for 3 years and loved it. Great open spaces, basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, and pools for outdoor enjoyment. Maintenance fixed all problems in a timely manner. Never had a problem with noise or parking, major concerns elsewhere. "

"Mike ayes went over and above with this call. My sink backed up and the whole bathroom was in terrible shape. He left the bathroom in better shape than it was before the sink backed up. He did a wonderful job and was so helpful."

"Beautiful community, well taken care of! Safe and all amenities (except fitness facility) were easily accessible. All staff were professional, prompt, and friendly with every encounter."

"Every time we called to have a problem fixed (or had a general maintenance visit) the staff were helpful and efficient in getting problems solved. The leasing staff are not only helpful and clear when serving us, but they are also very pleasant and accomodating when helping people. It makes a huge difference to be served like that, and I really appreciated it. I have recommended FoxRidge to friends largely because of how well the staff and maintenance treat renters."

"My repair skills are EXTREMELY limited. I appreciate the prompt response and Chris message about what was wrong. (I have never used an automatic dishwasher before I moved in here. They are awesome!) "

"I am very pleased with the speed and quality of the work. Thank you all very much for the hard work!"

"I have been very pleased during this whole year while living at Foxridge. The leasing office staff is outstanding as well as the maintenance staff. Thank you for everything you do!"

"My girlfriend and I were assisted by Sara D., who was friendly, professional, and quite knowledgeable. She had no trouble answering all of our questions, providing us with more information that we would have thought to ask for. She showed us multiple apartments and after the tour, she was able to draw up leasing options for number of places. I've been to a number of leasing offices in town and I can say that this was my best experience."

"Everyone was so helpful especially considering it was an super fast move in!"

"We called at about 5:30 AM n 5/1/2014 with a clogged toilet that overflowed. The lady that answered the emergency number was very polite and took the information down right away. Then, Gary called us to tell us he will be leaving soon and should be with us as soon as he can. He came in, and I apologized to him for calling out early in the morning and he was polite and said it was no problem and got straight to work. He completed the job within 10 minutes and not only fixed the main problem, but also fixed some other minor issues he must have noticed while working. He cleaned up his mess in the bathroom and came out and told me he was finished. I told him thank you, walked him to the door, he told me to have a great day and then he left! He was very courteous and professional and I just wanted to bring some good attention to your service man, Gary"

"Mike Harris came to my apartment and worked on my dryer. He was efficient and very kind. He even swept up the kitchen floor where he was working and locked my door on his way out. He definitely deserves a raise."

"Maintenance staff and grounds staff at Foxridge are GREAT!!! They keep the grounds looking beautiful and work very hard to maintain a wonderful place to live. I have lived in the same apartment for over 25 years and don't think I could find another place in Blacksburg that compares!!! thanks, Betty"

"Always friendly and very helpful."

"I am an incoming vet student and signed up for an apartment with a friend while we were visiting for a prospective student weekend. We loved the apartment and decided to put in an application that weekend. Sara showed us around and led us through the whole process which was completely painless. She quickly answered all our questions and now we have a wonderful new apartment to move into in August. I couldn't be happier with how the process went and am excited to be a new resident in Foxridge."

"Very happy with the office personnel and how prompt and efficient the maintenance department are whenever we need something fixed. Thank you"

"Jordan is a wonderful guy!! Very helpful! Thank you so much!"

"Ginny helped me to find the apartment and settle the lease very efficiently."

"Mike Harris was very nice and did good work and came in a timely manner on Easter Sunday."

"Mr. Mike Harris #8 was the gentleman who came to our apartment. He was very courteous. He completed the work and took extra time to give us information about the use of the shower head he installed for us. Also instead of just automatically changing the door knob that I wanted to replace, he tried making the old door knob work, which I appreciate. Thank you so much"

"I really appreciate how efficient the maintenance staff were in responding to our problems!!"

"We found that anything we needed or asked for,was seen to very quickly and in a professional manner....We settled in with a minimum of fuss or trouble. We are quite happy in the Apt."

"I have also been impressed with the speed and efficiency in which somebody gets back with me when I have emailed a question or concern. Thanks!"

"Everything was wonderful and the service was completed very very quickly! "

"This is a great place to live compared to so many others that don't seem to show any interest in their residents. Foxridge is very accommodating and I love the walkways, park, and BINGO nights!"

"A Really Great dog friendly apartment. Snow clearing has been extremely useful!!"

"I had a carpet cleaning done and Debra Harvey & Brian Shaver did a fantastic job. Everything was perfectly clean, just as we expected. Debra and Brian deserve a reward!"

"The service team was very professional. They came to the building early and waited until the scheduled time to enter the apartment. They were very friendly, helpful and informative. We left the apartment before they began they started cleaning the carpet and when we returned home we were happy to find that the entrance door was locked and everything was in order. Many thanks to you and the service team!"

"I called and the service team came,it is very quickly and nice, thanks."

"I am very much satisfied with the service."

"Mike Harris was extremely helpful ! He fixed our heater and was very professional. Thank you so much for sending such effective people in such a limited time. We are proud to be live in Foxridge!"

"They did a great job and were very helpful!"

"Quick reply, good skill."

"He was here for about 6 hours, but the job was completed and I do not believe that it could have been done any faster. I appreciate him helping, and I hope we don't have this issue again."

"Derek is the man and was very quick in responding to my apartments problems."

"Thank you so much for your timely help. Dereck! thank you"

"I lived in Foxridge for 2 years, and I definitely enjoyed the service. Maintenance was at your door within an hour of your call, sometimes minutes depending on the severity. The apartments are mostly updated and look nice. I love that you can pay online and separately from your roommates because paying all on one check is a real hassle. The staff is usually pretty well together and usually pretty lenient as well. I always talk to Monica, she always knows what the rules are and always has an answer for you."

"(July 28, 2013 about 8:00 pm)I called emergency about a ceiling leak and the service technician (GARY) called me back immediately. He told me when he could be there and he was there when he said. He was the most courteous and professional that I have had dealings with in the 27 years I have lived at Foxridge. He knew exactly what to do and I felt very comfortable with him and his knowledge. Thank you for having such a pleasant and knowledgeable person working for you in that very important job. Again thanks --- I am proud to call Foxridge my home for all these years. Have a great day!!! Betty"

"Overall, Mike did a great job and I appreciate receiving an email confirmation. The service was completed within two days, which was excellent. Thanks!"

"Mike Harris was the best Service Technician ever!!"

"Service man who is charge in my apartment very wonderful and good person. I am very satisfied with his efforts."

"I reported my issues two times. All the people answerwd my call were very patient. On the second time, your colleague Cathy forward my concerns to the technican group very quickly. they came after aournd two hours. The service man is Mike Ayers. He is very polite and skillful. Thank you!"

"MR. Mike Price is very efficient and in good manner!"

"Great guy. He said he's only been there a few months. I think he should stay."

"The worker was courteous and did his job well. The service was everything I could expect."

"The men who came were excellent. The problem (our AC) couldn't be fixed last night, so they came first thing this morning to do it. As they were leaving today, I asked if they had a pipe wrench and could remove my shower head so I can replace it. They immediately got what they needed and returned to do that. They even went ahead and put on the new one for me. They were nice and respectful and I truly appreciate that."

"Mike Harris and Derrick Kilbeet did a great job fixing my AC unit today. I appreciated their timeliness and courtesy as they worked!"

"No complaints! Gary fixed the problem quickly, and was very polite."

"Gary P.'s service has always been excellent. I'm glad he is my service technician."

"You are doing a great job really. Appreciated :)"

"Awesome quick service. Kind and courteous."

"Had some trouble with my AC and both times they came the next day and fixed it right up!"

"Excellent work as usual - very prompt and was able to fix the issue quickly. Thank you very much."

"Thanks for fixing the washer and dryer so quickly."

"Maintenance staff are always quick to respond (especially in emergency situations such as no heat in winter) and are friendly/respectful when they come into a home. Many of the leasing office staff are friendly and helpful. The apartments in general (Stroubles) are nicer than most others in town, and are reasonably prices, comparatively. I've lived here for three years (moved three times, too!) and plan to be here until I leave Blacksburg."

"The staff is always very pleasant and quick to help me when I need it- much appreciated!"

"I cannot imagine living in any other apartment complex in Blacksburg. I have been so happy as a resident of Foxridge and hope to sign a new lease soon!"

"Best apartments in Blacksburg."

"Before coming to Blacksburg our friends told us Foxridge is the beast place to live...I think they were absolutely right! Best place specially for families."

"I love this environmental friendly apartment home. Foxridge rocks! Thank you!"

"I really appreciate the promptness of the maintenance staff, even for small issues!"

"Excellent service. Thanks"

"Everything was addressed in a timely manner, and the work done is excellent. Great job!"

"Thank you so much! Everything that we submitted was fixed within 1-2 days perfectly. Very pleased."

Foxridge Collegiate Apartment Homes
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Blacksburg, VA 24060
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