Keep These Things in Mind When Moving to Off-Campus Apartments

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Once students become upper class-men they often opt to move out of dorm and into off-campus apartments.

Here’s a list of things to know and do before you move into your first college apartment.

  1. Grocery shop in bulk. Buy a bunch of meats, separate them and freeze them so you’ll have dinner ideas prepared.
  2. As soon as you move in write down and photograph if there is anything wrong with the apartment. That way, you won’t be charged for property damage when it’s time for you to leave.
  3. Get to know your neighbors.
  4. Coordinate with your roommates regarding who’s bringing what so you don’t all show up on move-in day with duplicate items.
  5. Get a bunch of cleaning supplies for your apartment, and use them.
  6. Make arrangements for groceries with your roommates. Are you sharing? Are you buying your own?
  7. Use the maintenance request forms whenever needed. Don’t be afraid that you’ll bother your complex management. Apartment community maintenance is included in the rent. Use it.
  8. Don’t forget to pay your rent — those late fees can be a killer.
  9. Utilize your kitchen. It costs a lot of money to regularly order take out.
  10. If you throw a house-warming party or kickback at your place, be prepared to clean up the leftover mess.
  11. Decorate!
  12. Lock your door and lock your bedroom door too before leaving your apartment.
  13. Don’t share your WiFi password with too many people.
  14. Don’t forget to change your local address to your new home.
  15. Utilize whatever facilities your complex has to offer — pool, fitness center, community areas.
  16. Make sure your apartment comes furnished.
  17. Keeping a mini-fridge in your room isn’t such a bad investment.
  18. If you plan on inviting more than three guests over, tell your roommates.

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