Moving Out of Dorms and into an Apartment

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At some point in their college life, many students decide to move out of their residence halls and into apartments. Many of these students go into apartment-hunting with little know-how or assistance.

Don’t sign a lease too early

Signing a lease too early can be detrimental. You don’t want to sign a lease before you have looked at other apartments and gone over the lease.

Don’t sign a new lease for the next year until you make sure that you are going to continue at the school you are enrolled in because once you lock into that lease you’re stuck. Make sure to check with prospective apartment complexes about signing leases early.

Take photos/videos of new apartment

The best thing students have now is an instant way to prove the state of the apartment. Turn on your cell phone and make a video tape the day you walk in.

Plan with future roommates

It is important to make a plan with your new roommates. That plan needs to include how to pay bills and rent, social life, food rules, and cleaning responsibilities.

Make sure your friends/roommates are okay with the decisions you all come to and they’re not agreeing just to satisfy your call. You are living together for months so make sure that you all are pleased with the apartment. Since you are going to be in an apartment with your roommates for the majority of the year, make sure everyone is on the same page.

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