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Starting: January (Beginning of Semester) Until: May (End of Semester)
Contact: Harrison Lavery Phone: 7178609518
I will be studying abroad in Spring 2019 and need someone to cover my rent. My roommates are both easy going engineering majors. The three of us live in a 3 bedroom apartment close to the first Hethwood A bus stop. I have the room directly across from the bathroom that is furnished with a dresser, bed, mattress, night stand, desk, and closet.
Roommate(s) Gender: Male Ok
Roommate(s) Status: Undergraduate Ok
Pets: No pets
Smoking: No smoking
Food: Kosher Ok,Vegetarian Ok,Vegan Ok,Halaal Ok
Expenses to share: Internet access,Electricity
Roommate's Share of Rent: My rent is $357/mo