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Starting: Ausgust 2018 Until: Ausgust 2019
Contact: Grayson Hurley Phone: 7174608048
*EMERGENCY* Hey my name is Grayson Hurley I'm a undergraduate freshmen at VT. I currently have a lease for a 5 bedroom apartment at Foxridge that is due on Saturday, March 3rd. My roommate just backed out today at noon and Foxridge told us we have 48 hours to find a new roommate or the lease will be terminated. There are 2 big rooms, 2 medium, and 1 den. The one that is now vacant is the big, which comes out to $535 a month. This includes washer and dryer inside the apartment. It also includes 2 kitchens. If anybody is desperate for a place to live next year, please message me. If interested, let me know ASAP please.
Roommate(s) Gender: Male Ok
Roommate(s) Status: Undergraduate Ok,Graduate Ok
Pets: No pets
Smoking: No smoking
Food: Kosher Ok,Vegetarian Ok,Vegan Ok,Halaal Ok
Expenses to share: Internet access,TV,Electricity
Roommate's Share of Rent: The lease price is split up by room. The room available is $535 a month.