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Starting: 7/23/2018 Until: 7/21/2019
Contact: Will Lloyd Phone: 5712017356
I'm Will Lloyd, and I'm working towards my Master's Degree in EE here at VT. I'm looking for a roommate for the next year. This apartment is in the graduate section of Foxridge, therefore if you are an undergraduate that will just make things a bit more complicated but overall not a big deal. Rent is 450 a month plus internet costs at 66.16 a month split, as well as electricity costs that vary. I will be working on my thesis so I would be looking for someone who is not big party person, relatively quiet, and like to keep their surroundings clean. Let me know if you have any questions, I respond quicker through email.
Roommate(s) Gender: Male Ok,Female Ok
Roommate(s) Status: Undergraduate Ok,Graduate Ok,Professional Ok
Pets: Ask Me
Smoking: No smoking
Food: Kosher Ok,Vegetarian Ok,Vegan Ok,Halaal Ok
Expenses to share: Internet access,Electricity
Roommate's Share of Rent: $450