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Starting: May 3, 2018 Until: August 1, 2018
Contact: Emily Rutkowski Phone: 4343906047
I will be moving out in early May, due to plans that begin the same day I graduate. The room available is the medium sized of 3 bedrooms in the unit. Some furniture and household appliances available, just ask. The bathroom is shared with one other roommate, but she may not stay through the summer months. My other roommate and her medium sized dog will be staying this summer.
Roommate(s) Gender: Ask Me
Roommate(s) Status: Undergraduate Ok,Graduate Ok,Professional Ok
Pets: Ask Me
Smoking: No smoking
Food: Kosher Ok,Vegetarian Ok,Vegan Ok,Halaal Ok
Expenses to share: Internet access,TV,Electricity
Roommate's Share of Rent: $370 not including internet/cable bundle or electric