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Starting: Dec.2017 or Jan.2018 Until: July.2018
Contact: Phone: 5402356936
(1) Stroubles Creek: 14200 apartment 3rd floor. (2) 2Bed and 2Bath (seperate full bath) (3) includes all utilities (Washing machine, laundry machine, dry machine, refrigerator, oven) (4) Rent fee: 550$ (less than roommate who uses bigger room) (5) Clean and quite place, There lives many faculty, staff and grad families in 14000 area (6) roommate is korean phd student who are very kind and clean. (7) There's no sofa and TV in living room so that you can also utilize that space. - I want to sub-lease this precious room due to my marriage.
Roommate(s) Gender: Male Ok
Roommate(s) Status: Undergraduate Ok,Graduate Ok,Professional Ok
Smoking: No smoking
Expenses to share: Internet access,Electricity
Roommate's Share of Rent: 550(yours), 580(roommate's)