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New  Roommate Change  Sublease
Washer/Dryer in apartment
All-Inclusive (furniture, housewares, power, cable and broadband)

I understand that it is intended the apartment will be ready for occupancy close to requested move-in date. I agree that Foxridge and Hethwood Communities shall not be under any obligation related to approval of this application or for any reason. I further agree that the full security deposit is applied to damages upon cancellation of my apartment. Foxridge and Hethwood Communities cannot assume responsibility for the inability to furnish resident with any apartment on the specified date where construction delays, repairs, holdovers, or the lack of availability prevents us from providing occupancy of the assigned apartment.

Apartment Size Preference

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Application Fee

A $35.00 application fee must accompany this application or $70.00 if filing jointly with a spouse. The application fee is non-refundable and applied to the processing cost of the application. If the application is approved; lease must be signed and all monies paid prior to 7 days after receiving lease. A $35.00 or $70.00 if filing jointly with a spouse processing fee will be charged for administrative cost upon cancellation, at any time, for any reason. *Residents that are using these items are required to have renters insurance. We strongly recommend that all residents obtain renter’s insurance.

Please call the Welcome Center to submit your payment over the phone or visit in person.

Waterbed  Satellite Dish Personal Washer/Dryer

Residents who are using these items are required to provide proof of insurance covering these items.

Yes  No

No animal may exceed 60 lbs. at full grown weight. Dangerous, harmful or poisonous animals will not be allowed. Veterinarian verification of weight is required on all dogs. A maximum of 3 animals are allowed in the apartment. Of the 3 animals allowed, no more than 2 dogs are allowed. No animals are allowed at or after move-in without prior agreement to all animal regulations. Any animal not registered with the Welcome Center will result in a $300.00 illegal animal fine, per animal and per occurrence. Please ask Leasing Consultant for information on additional fees and deposits.

Note: All occupants that are not leaseholders must complete an occupant information form. Occupants are subject to approval by management pending a criminal background check. If the occupant is 18 years or older, a $35 Occupant Fee per occupant will be required.

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Have you ever been convicted or pleaded guilty or "no contest" or have pending charges to a misdemeanor offense other than traffic violations (whether or not resulting in a conviction)?
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The guarantor must be at least 18 years of age, must permanently reside in the United States, and must consent to personal jurisdiction within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Guarantor – please include (PO Box and Street Address)

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In case of emergency:

I am mailing my application fee
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Please notify management of any change in your application (name change, change in employment, vehicle change, etc.)

Certification/Notification: Applicant represents that all of the above statements are true and complete, and hereby authorizes verification of the above information, reference and credit records. In addition to the foregoing, applicant(s) has paid the sum of $35 as a non-refundable fee for costs and expenses for processing of the application. Applicant acknowledges that false information herein may constitute grounds for refusal of the application, termination of right of occupancy and/or forfeiture of deposits and may constitute a criminal offense under the laws of the state. Furthermore, applicant understands that an investigative consumer report including information about personal character including criminal records may be made.

I authorize, without reservation, any party or agency contacted by HHHunt/Foxridge Apartment Homes to provide the above-mentioned information. I have read and agree to the provisions as stated.

This application is preliminary only and does not obligate the owner or owner's agent to execute a lease, deliver possession of the proposed premises or release keys.


Typing names in spaces above constitutes a signature by applicant and/or spouse. You must click the Send button to complete your application.

Foxridge Collegiate Apartment Homes

750 Hethwood Blvd. 100G, Blacksburg, VA 24060
Call: (888) 532-1809 (540) 951-9302
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Opens: Monday-Friday: 9A-5:30P | Saturday: 10A-1P & 2P-5P | Sunday: 1P-5P

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