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Happy New Year from Foxridge

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Foxridge apartments, Blacksburg, VAHappy New Year from Foxridge. We would like to thank our residents, friends, family, and community for allowing our business to be part of your lives in 2017. We wish all of you a wonderful and prosperous 2018!

If we have had the pleasure of being your choice in communities, we hope that we provided the highest level of customer service and met all of your needs. In the coming months if you find yourself in need of the services we offer, we hope you choose us again in 2018.

It is our sincere wish that in the New Year you are surrounded by warmth, family, and friendship and that 2018 brings you good health and prosperity. From all of us here at Foxridge we hope you have a safe and exciting New Year.

We all come home, or ought to come home, for a short holiday – the longer, the better…” ~ Charles Dickens

Reduce the Stress of Finals Week

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 18, 2017

Foxridge apartments, Blacksburg, VAIf you are a college student living in an apartment in Blacksburg, VA you know that stress is constant throughout the school year. But, college stress during finals week takes it to a whole new level.

Here are 6 easy ways to rest and relax during finals week:

Get time away/alone. Chances are, everyone you know at school is stressed during finals week too. Take a few minutes to take a walk off campus, treat yourself to a coffee in a place not full of stressed students, or find some other way/place that you can get yourself out of the finals-week environment, if even just for a few minutes.

Spend 3-5 minutes not doing anything. This is often more challenging than it sounds. But take a few minutes to turn off all of your technology and sit and relax -- even meditate, if you can. Those few minutes can calm your mind and your spirit while helping your refocus and recharge.

Spend 15-20 minutes doing something purely for fun. The break for your brain will do wonders for its productivity later. Watch silly YouTube videos, read a magazine, play a video game, or Skype with a friend far away.

Get exercise in a low-stress situation. Practice with your basketball team doesn't count. Go for a relaxing walk, ride your bike without knowing where you'll end up, or go for a quick jog. And if it's too cold outside, try something new in the gym. You might be surprised by how relaxed -- and energized! -- you feel afterward.

Attend a sporting event. If you're studying for finals at the end of the fall semester, chances are you can attend a game during finals week. Leave your books in your room and really let yourself relax and enjoy, knowing that the time spent away will help your studying later.

Make a list -- and write down everything. For some people, making a list can really help reduce stress because it helps put things in perspective. The best way to get things organized, and to get a feeling of satisfaction, is to write down every single thing you need to do -- like eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, doing laundry, getting some sleep, and going to class. Getting things written down -- and then crossed off! -- can do wonders for your sense of control and accomplishment during a very busy time.


Best College Town Tailgates 2017!

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 11, 2017

Foxridge apartments, Blacksburg, VA This category was contentious. College football is one of the few topics that can make any reasonable Southerner abandon decorum, even civility, but the Southern Living poll underestimated to just what degree school spirit would show in the poll of the South’s Best Tailgate.

After a year of upsets in the national press, the results of the contest proved similar. The Crimson Tide and the Ole Miss Rebels square off again, and while the pairing isn’t unfamiliar, the stakes are high in a way unprecedented in our publication’s history.

Clemson has been awarded the title for best tailgate a time or two. But this year’s competition has brought in more votes and more ire and passion in our 51-year history than any other tailgating tango. While this might be a sore spot for Auburn, a bitter pill for Tennessee, and just downright bull for Texas fans, the readers were loud and clear.

Remember that fabled football phrase, there’s always next year!

On the list this year:

11. Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia

If you live at Foxridge, an apartment in Blacksburg, VA, keep making us proud with your tailgating!


Southern Living

One Bedroom Apartments That Cater to the Student Lifestyle

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 04, 2017

Foxridge apartments, Blacksburg, VABlacksburg, VA is an attractive place to live. In fact, the area boasts a mild, four-season climate and many things to do for both the outdoor enthusiast and for those who enjoy more traditional excursions. Located minutes from Virginia Tech University, the area is bursting with history, nightlife, and Blacksburg’s hidden treasures. With great restaurants and outdoor fun at your fingertips along with tons of charm, you will be happy with your decision to move to an apartment in Blacksburg, VA.

If you are looking for a one bedroom apartment in Blacksburg, VA look no further than Foxridge. These apartment homes have distinctive architecture and exclusive amenities. We have two different styles of one-bedroom apartments, one offers a den for extra space. It all depends on what you need and what you are looking for.

Located close to Virginia Tech, retail, and restaurants, Foxridge Apartments offer spacious apartment homes in a gorgeous community setting with attractive natural views and beautiful terrain. Because it's How You Live that matters.

For more information on Foxridge, contact us.


Foxridge Collegiate Apartment Homes

750 Hethwood Blvd. 100G, Blacksburg, VA 24060
Call: (888) 532-1809 (540) 951-9302
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Opens: Monday-Friday: 9A-5:30P | Saturday: 10A-1P & 2P-5P | Sunday: 1P-5P

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